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128 St Etienne Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

Association Sportive de Saint-Étienne Loire was founded in 1919 and currently plays at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard located within the city. The team won ten Ligue 1 titles and six Coupe de France in their history.

525 Stephanois Come on Come On Can you hear St Etienne's supporters sing? Плейлист
577 Bergressio A chant for Bergressio Плейлист
1463 The Stephanois Lala This one makes a nice ringtone! Плейлист
1522 In All Stadiums Etienne (clap, clap, clap)... Плейлист
3066 Stephanois Come On Can you help with the full lyrics here? Плейлист
3760 Stephanois We Are Here Can you help with full lyrics? Плейлист
4428 Liberty Liberty! Плейлист
4458 The Stephanois, Hey Hey come on you Stephanois Плейлист
6254 Fantastic Song for the team by les ultras Плейлист
6763 Supporters Sing Song in the honnor of a futur goal Плейлист
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7343 St Etienne Come on Come on Come On St Etienne's pride Плейлист
7511 Janot There is only one Janot and he plays for St Etienne Плейлист
8517 I Hear the Stephanois Singing We are proud, And f*ck the Lumiere Brothers! Плейлист
9152 In All Stages We Sing United! Плейлист
9547 Lalala Come on Saint Etienne NEW Lalalalala Плейлист
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