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Droit au but, the slogan that is also stated on OM’s emblem comes actually from rugby. It was only in 1902 that football began to be played by Olympique Marseille, while today OM is known to have one of the best stadium athmospheres in Europe.

330 From Marseilles to Paris PSG - L'OM Плейлист
395 Sing Like Depe Come on Marseille! Плейлист
429 Olympique Marseille This one makes a nice ringtone! Плейлист
669 Those Who Don't Jump Aren't from Marseille Get up all you Marseille supporters! Плейлист
860 Paris, Paris L'OM - PSG Плейлист
899 Hoist Up the Flags L'OM: Hissez haut Плейлист
940 Marseillais Classic fanchant of Marseille Плейлист
970 Mar-seille! A chant sung by the Ultras of Marseille Плейлист
1233 Together We Have to Sing Top fanchant of l'OM! Плейлист
1351 Mar-seill-ais! That's where we are from.. Плейлист
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1395 51 I Love You 51 is a pastis brand, a well known drink in Marseille Ricard is a pastis brand too, a rival of 51 Плейлист
1590 The Ultras Sing A chant sung by the ultras of Marseille Плейлист
1932 If We Have Faith If we have faith we will win Плейлист
1962 Up Yours, Madrid A fanchant against Real Madrid! Плейлист
2367 To the Weapons Can you hear Marseilles supporters sing? Плейлист
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